amd has updated its roadmap, confirming that its family of processors Ryzen 7000 (Raphael), for desktops, will arrive in the home stretch of the year, and also confirms that at least until the end of 2023, his successor is not expected. Another thing that also confirms is that this platform It will only be compatible with DDR5 RAMwhich will pose a serious problem with the high price of these memories, because it makes the switch to the AM5 platform more expensive.

AMD Ryzen 2022 - 2023 Consumer Processor Roadmap

in 2023 what we will have will be new products for portable equipment, like the family of processors AMD Dragon Series for high-performance laptops, giving us processors based on the same architecture AMD Zen4 seen in the Ryzen 7000 with DDR5 RAM support, PCI-Express 5.0 interface and with chips with TDPs of +55W. Although we know that the desktop line will offer up to 16 cores, it is speculated that the laptop could also reach the same number of cores to compete with Intel in terms of multi-core performance.

For mobile equipment that thinks more about the lightness of the device and the autonomy (less than 20 mm thick), we will have the amd phoenix, where the only difference is the replacement of the DDR5 memory by a more efficient LPDDR5X soldered to the system while the chips will have a consumption that will oscillate between 35-45W. All these families of processors will be accompanied by an integrated AMD RDNA2 graphics card.