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Amazon sent a tupperware with sand instead of an RTX 3090 Ti

Amazonduring his first daypublishes a large number of offers, where if we are quick when buying, we can get a good deal. However, we can also find ourselves on the opposite side and be victims of a fraud when shopping during these days on Amazon. This happened in two cases that we will comment on now, since it concerns the purchase of a NVIDIA RTX 3090Ti and an RTX-3090two of the most expensive consumer GPUs on the market.

Over the past week, there have been two stories of Amazon customers feeling ripped off after purchasing two high-end NVIDIA graphics cards, the RTX 3090 and RTX 3090 Ti. Although what they both received was different from the product that should have arrived, one of them realized something much worse. And it is that, the most extreme case has been completely ripped off with something that has nothing to do with the high-end NVIDIA graphics card.

A customer from Brazil bought an RTX 3090 Ti on Amazon and received a tupperware with sand

Mauricio Takeda Brazil RTX 3090 Ti Tupperware sand

The worst case corresponds to Mauricio Takeda, a Brazilian customer who purchased a brand new high-end graphics card from Amazon. it was a Palit GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GameRockwho has 10752 CUDA cores Yes 24 GB by heart GDDR6X. It operates at clock frequencies of 1560MHz base and 1860MHz in Boost mode, it has a thickness of 2.9 slots and one PDT of 450W.

With these features, your the price was high and more since you pay extra compared to the model founders as this is a custom design. Still, Takeda paid 14,500 Brazilian reais (RBL), which, when converted into euros, amounts to approximately €2,580, a higher than expected price and no longer a Prime Day. Before considering that it has been ripped off by Amazon in the price, it must be taken into account that although the RTX 3090 Ti between 1,600 and 1,800 euros in Spain, in Brazil the taxes They are different.

The real scam was that after he paid such a large sum of money for the graphic, what he received was a tupperware with sand, as well as two other gift boats. He immediately uploaded the video to ICT Tac to tell the world the sad news and subsequently contacted Amazon. Although initially it didn’t work out, Takeda went to the courts and presented a request which became national news. After that, Amazon definitely put the batteries in and are trying to fix the problem.

Amazon’s second scam case received an RTX 3070 instead of an RTX 3090

The case of the Brazilian consumer is, without a doubt, something strange to see in the Amazon online store, which has a very good reputation as a rule. However, in the world of online shopping still exists packages which was openreplaced the contents and ordered a repayment sending the counterfeit package. Maybe in those cases, where retailers don’t check new packaging except for your ballast and box dimensions, situations like this can happen.

With that said, let’s move on to the next victim who has been scammed through Amazon, this chaos being much more common than the previous one. We thus have Patrick J. Kennedycreator of the news and reviews media ServeTheHouse (STH), who was cheated by another Amazon buyer with the latest GPU he purchased. it was a EVGA Force RTX 3090which was sold as “New” by Amazon, but after buying it and arriving home, he noticed that the box had been opened. In fact, the security seal was broken and although the box of the graphic did not have much damage, what he found inside was not the 3090 i am buying.

Inside was a NVIDIA RTX-3070, thus being Amazon’s second case of scam regarding graphics cards purchased during Prime Day. Fortunately, in this case, Amazon accepted the come back and everything was resolved successfully, beyond the initial disappointment on seeing the product.

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