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almost twice an RTX 3090

More information on the upcoming NVIDIA RTX 4090 is popping up again, again from our reliable Twitter leaker, @kopite7kimi. He shows us the specifications of the NVIDIA RTX 4090, it will be 2 times faster than the 3090 and will have 126 SM Finally, giving us a total of 16,128 CUDA kernels. This would have a lower SM value than we expectedbecause according to previous rumors, there was speculation around 140 to 142 SM.

Disappointment with RDNA3 after showing RTX 4090 specs

The Twitter leaker posted some juicy data about it RTX-4090 and it is that it mentions that the consumption will be of 450W (identical to a 3090 Ti) and this will be the twice as fast as a 3090 (350W). Regarding the memory specifications, it will be necessary 24 GB by heart 21 Gbps GDDR6X which will be managed in 12 BMIwith a bus memory resulting from 384 bit resulting in a bandwidth of more than 1 TB/s. So far everything is correct, but now the curious thing happens and it concerns the use of a chip AD102-300 with a total of 16,128 CUDAs Cores.

Having 16,128 shaders not 18432 as full chip, plus one decrease in total consumptionmakes us believe that we are facing a incomplete chip logically. This is a measurement made by NVIDIA for yearsin which only high endsee xx90 Ti, received the chip with all text messages activated. This would not be the case here, since doing calculations and remembering that each TPC has 2 SM:

768 shader x of them X Eleven TPC -768 (1 SM disabled) = 16,128 CUDAs Cores. Therefore, the RTX 4090 chip made of 11 TPCs with one SM disabled, although there may be other variations of this setting if NVIDIA decides to change the mappings.

768 shader x of them X 12 CPT= 18,432 CUDAs hearts, full chip. This one is probably for a RTX 4090 Ti or even a future TITAN.

In August 2021 you were already saying that they would be released earlier, but… From mid-July?

Thanks to Videocardz, who asked kopite on Twitter, we would know the Date exit, since he mentioned that it will be for mid-JulySomething much earlier than expected. Considering this was a straight answer and without further details, he could have referred to another date.

And finally, let’s not forget that the kopite itself feels “disappointed with RDNA3“, It could be due to power, consumption or both, who knows. We just have to wait and see how it goes in the coming months.

VIA: video cardz

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