Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun), the Alibaba Group’s cloud computing company, announced that it has already started accepting customer requests to preview an instance type powered by its CPU. Yitian 710which is designed by the Chinese company itself but manufactured by TSMC using a manufacturing process of 5nm.

With regard to this aspect, the authorities Elastic Computing Service (ECS) is offered in variants with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 vCPUs, while the invite-only test servers are offered in a 4 vCPU @ 2.75 GHz configuration with 16 GB of RAM and 3 Gbps network bandwidth.

Alibaba Yian 710

The Yitian 710 processor hides inside 60 billion transistorsthat give life to nothing less than 128 hearts under the architecture ARMv9 can operate at a frequency of 3.20GHz. This processor can be attached to a memory configuration Octa(8)-Channel DDR5 and have access to a maximum of 96 PCI-Express 5.0 lanes.

Although Alibaba states that its processor offers 100% more energy efficiency compared to existing solutions from AMD and Intel, the company has not provided any type of example or test where what is being promoted is demonstrated, not to mention that it did not reveal any information. on the performance it would offer compared to these x86 solutions.

via: The Registry