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Aldi, Lidl or Rewe: This App Tells You Where Butter, Oil, Meat & Co

Aldi, Lidl or Rewe: This App Tells You Where Butter, Oil, Meat & Co

If you still want to save money at Aldi, Lidl and Co. these days, you have to be smart. With the free app “smuggle”, you cut out all advertising brochures – and you can watch prices for butter, oil & Co. live.

Supermarket bargains need to be earned. Sometimes product X is available very cheaply in a store, but you have to go to another supermarket for product Y. To know what is available cheaply and when one rummages through advertising brochures in advance. It is no longer necessary with the smuggle app, which does it for you automatically.

The name, which takes some getting used to, is “smart” and “haggle”, meaning clever haggling. The makers of the app promise savings of up to 30 per cent when shopping for groceries, which should be an average of 1,200 euros per household per year; sounds great at first.

Shopping list with price comparison

Start the app and create a shopping list. It’s in good hands on the smartphone anyway. You can always see where your favourite products are cheapest with a proximity search. There is also a favourites function, which you can use to watch the price development of essential products on a separate list.

The app always shows the exact price of the shopping cart. Once the purchase is complete, users should photograph the receipt and share the information because it is only through this feedback from the user that the currently valid prices are brought into the app. Cashback campaigns are intended to motivate people to do this; for example, there is presently a 5 cent credit for each supermarket voucher uploaded, 10 cents for receipts from drugstores and 30 cents for coupons from hardware stores.

Additional offers and data protection

The app is brilliant, displays additional offers, and, in addition to a targeted product search, also allows you to browse through categories. Targeted shopping for dealer offers is also possible, and products with a sustainability seal are also listed. Overall, the app provides valuable information and price comparison for supermarket products.

But those who use the free app shouldn’t attach too much importance to data protection. The complete shopping data is shared with the app provider and combined with personal data to form a shopping profile. When using the app, the provider can track which product you bought when and where.

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