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AJAZZ launches a mechanical keyboard based on Tom and Jerry: AC067 Cheese

AJAZZ, a popular peripheral brand from Shenzhen, launched on June 1 (children’s day), its new cheese-themed keyboard, the AJAZZ AC067 Cheese RGB seal. This mechanical keyboard with a playful design is recreated around the famous cartoon “Tom and Jerry“, where the perforated cheese of the series was taken as a reference.

This curious model of keyboard is nothing more than a customized version of the original AC067, released some time ago. The new AC067 cheese tries to imitate the cheese with holes which appears so much in the Tom & Jerry series, proving to achieve this as soon as we see its chassis. It was created by a process CNC of high precision, thus achieving a fairly realistic appearance of the aforementioned cheese.

The AJAZZ AC067 Cheese has a CNC made chassis

AJAZZ AC067 Cheese Chassis

To this design we must add the characteristic yellow color as well as artistic details in 3 of the keys: enter, escape and space. sayings keys they will be in matter PBT with a combination of white and yellow. Regarding the keys, these will have custom Kailh buttons called Kailh Box Yellow Cheesewhich are described as response switches linear.

These buttons will require very little force to activate, just 45 gramstherefore, they promise to be a very viable option for scenarios where it is needed high speed From writing. Even so, it must be taken into account that Nope they will give us an answer tactile and, therefore, we would rule them out if we wanted these kind of switches. Likewise, we don’t throw in the towel and it’s a keyboard”hot-swappable“, i.e. it allows you to change switches on the fly, in case you don’t like the ones that come standard.

The 65% mechanical keyboard offers artistic detail on many of its keys

AJAZZ AC067 Tom Jerry Cheese

It would be a mechanical keyboard 65%i.e. compact in size and with arrows of leadership, being a advantage over 60% of keyboards that require pressing the FN key for activation. This gives a total of 67 keys, where we might be missing a few extra functions or digits, but you can’t ask for more in such a small size. Let’s move on to the lighting, we know it has a backlight RGB more … than 18 effects preconfigured as standard.

In addition, it is possible to synchronize them with the Music you are listening, in case you are very motivated or want your children to be surprised. And it is to these that the company considers a possible target audience for the sale, given its children’s theme, while offering quality materials.

If anyone wants to buy it, you have it available on sites like Mechkeys with the curious “cheese” color for the price of $219. Obviously, this is quite a high price. high in a market where compact mechanical keyboards are displayed at increasingly competitive prices. In fact, if we go to the “cheap” Chinese variants, we find keyboards compact mechanicswhich perform their function at prices of €80 or less. Here, it is clear that we pay for the unique design and partly for the supposed quality of the advertised case.

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