ADATA celebrated its 21st anniversary by presenting two new products, RAM memories ADATA DDR5 ACE 6400 Limited Edition and the NVMe 4.0 SSD ADATA Legend 850 Limited Editionwhere the particularity of the two products lies in a sink full of flowers for the company’s signature hummingbird to feed on its nectar.

ADATA DDR5 ACE 6400 and ADATA Legend 850

According to the company, reports ADATA DDR5 ACE 6400 are their new high-end memories, and their name clearly indicates that they reach a frequency of 6400MHz. Although the company says they come with low latencies with content creators and gamers in mind, they haven’t really revealed their latencies to see if they are really low or following the market trend. These keepsakes come in the form of a kit of 32 GB capacity (2x 16 GB).

On the other hand, the SSD Legend ADATA 850is capable of reaching sequential read speeds of up to 7400 MB/s while writing reaches 5000 MB/s, but no other information has been revealed, except that there will be at least one model with 512 GB of capacity. The limited edition tagline is because they will be making 500 units of each product, not sure if there are more capacity variants or just the two listed.