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Ad-supported Netflix subscription won’t let you watch all of its content

Netflix is ​​going through a period of change in order to get out of the situation it is in. And it is that the company is not in its best shape, and the proof of this is that too many declines in the stock market value are already accumulating. Despite everything, its last measures allowed it to develop little by little, such as the announcement of a cheapest packagebut with the disadvantage that includes advertising. It seemed to promise a lot, until they announced that this subscription won’t let you play every netflix content.

A few months ago, Netflix unveiled its strategy to get out of the situation it found itself in and win back the attention of its customers. One of their solutions was to create a new subscription plan that was cheaper than Basic which currently exists. However, this would have a penalty, namely that we would be exposed to advertisements within Netflix while we consume its content. Now, another downside of this plan has been revealed which is that you won’t be able to access all the content on the platform once it launches.

Netflix’s cheapest plan will have ads and less content

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Said like that, it doesn’t seem like a great sales strategy on Netflix’s part, since it would be the company’s only subscription plan that doesn’t provide access to all of its content. And it is that their current subscription models are divided into Basic, Standard Yes Primewhere the main differences are the increase in HD quality Yes 4K (Ultra HD) and the number of devices where you can view or download the content.

However, with the new plan we lose the most important thing, which loses the freedom to enjoy the entire catalog of the platform. Without knowing the details of the intrusiveness of the advertisement, many people are probably interested in it as long as it involves a good economy at the end of the month. Additionally, that Netflix’s recent move to end the shared accounts It has already started in Latin America, which discourages account sharing, since if you want to keep it, the monthly cost increases considerably.

“Today the vast majority of what people watch on Netflix, we can offer an ad-based subscription,” said Netflix co-CEO, Ted Sarandos. “There are things that we do not see (we are in conversations with the studios) but if we launched it today, members of the ad-supported plan would get a great experience. We will be removing additional content, certainly not all, but we don’t think that will be a deterrent to business.”

“It’s definitely a good thing to have,” said chief financial officer Spencer Neumann. “But that’s not essential. As Ted says, we can launch today without copyright.” additional content permission. Hopefully we can complete it, but we will be disciplined in what we do.”

Netflix will have to negotiate with studios to include remaining content

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Netflix won’t get off on the right foot with its cheapest plan, as the missing content isn’t sure to make it to the end. Basically it all depends on the company. convince the studios to include their films and series in this future subscription financed by advertising. That means changing the deal with studios and having them sign to appear alongside ads, which several companies reportedly refused to sign.

For the moment we know that they are in the process of renegotiating the agreements with Warner Bros.the producer Universal That is Sony Pictures Televisioncreators of cobra-kai. These names represent some of the most famous companies in the industry and moreover, it would also affect the old series, such as breaking Bad. If studies were denied, we might see cases like not being able to see stranger things, Peaky Blinders That is The Bridgertons pay the cheapest subscription with advertisements.

Remember that Netflix has officially partnered with microsoft, which will be your partner in this new ad-supported plan. Undoubtedly, the company is betting a lot on it and, together with Microsoft, hopes to attract more clients. We will have to wait and see in the future how much Netflix content will be available here and its the priceto see if it’s really worth it.

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