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Activision will block Call of Duty cheaters from using weapons

When it comes to online video games, cheating or “chetos” is something very common among its players, since many people want to win with little effort. The presence of cheaters in competitive online games completely ruins the experience, and when it comes to shooters, it’s usually very frustrating. It’s because of it Activision revealed a new measure that she will employ in Call of Duty: Vanguard Yes war zonewhich consists of removing the weapons and even the fists of the players who use traps.

In this way, Activision’s biggest franchise is getting some love from the company, along with a new measure to reduce the number of players using cheats. The company revealed that its anti-cheat system (RICOCHET anti-cheat) will have a new feature called “Disarm”, removing all types of weapons in Call of Duty, including melee ones.

RICOCHET’s New Measure Will Disarm Whoever Uses Cheats Making Them Completely Useless In Combat

This new measure was published in Twitter, where it is shown in video format how it would work in practice. So we end up with two players, where the one who shoots uses chetos. After a short time, the new function is applied, remaining like this no weapons and without being able to do anything damage. This is part of the new RICOCHET update, corresponding to the June update.

“We don’t expect many clips to appear online, but we’ve seen it in action and the cheaters’ reactions. they are priceless“, said the developers.

According to the team, the anti-cheat measures work as a anti-virus software, where knowing how and when they are made, it is possible to defend oneself in advance. However, these systems detection they fail trying to mitigate a new trick devised by the players themselves. For this reason, they assure that they increase the speed at which they can recognize who is playing breaking the rules, and in these cases they use all their tools to avoid it.

“The purpose of mitigations is keep cheaters in-game to analyze their data while reducing their ability to affect the legitimate player experience. The above data shows that even though the attenuations are active, we’re seeing a reduction in reports of cheaters,” the developers added.

By using them on their target player, they receive a data report that will allow them to analyze the behavior and the variables that have changed. Thus, according to RICOCHET, they maintain the community of Call of Duty players, including cheaters, and, at the same time, work on analyzing new hacks and cheats.

Previously, “Cloaking” and “Damage Shield” were used as anti-cheat measures in Call of Duty

Call of Duty Anti-Cheat Ricochet

Since the introduction of the system against cheating, Call of Duty has benefited from several updates that have dealt with different pitfalls. Among the past mitigations we can highlight “Damage Shield” and “Cloaking”, measures already present in the game today. damage shield will attempt to disable the ability of the players to inflict critical damage, if the server detects that they are manipulate the game real time.

concealmentmeanwhile makes players legit invisible cheaters and makes their balls and walking noises undetectable. As we can see, these types of systems even make it fun to play against players who use cheats. Also, we can’t forget that non-legitimate players are at risk of getting banned.

This system has proven to be very effective, and that is because, according to Activisionsignificantly increased prohibitions in war zone Yes avant-garde. Since its last update at the end of April, the company has issued more than 180,000 New bans between the two games. Additionally, Activision has asked players to help them report if they see the Pirates in their games.

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