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Activision Blizzard Receives Unfair Labor Practices Complaint

ActivisionBlizzard It’s been a while since they had a good time, and they’ve been building up since last year requests relating to the workplace. This time it’s a complaint about labor practices unfair to Raven Software, makers of Call of Duty: Warzone. This forced them to perform a strikewhich, as we’ll see, doesn’t seem to have pleased Blizzard.

this new complaint was presented by the Communications Workers of America, the labor union communications workers in the United States. It is made up of more than 700,000 members belonging to both the public and private sectors. Said complaint is based on the continuation of labor practices unfair made by Activision Blizzard, accusing the company of taking reprisals on striking workers.

Activision Blizzard takes on Raven Software strike

Activision Blizzard Raven Software Complaint

The beginning of these events occurred when Activision studio quality control officers, Raven Softwarebegan to carry out strikes due to the layoffs massive. The study, in charge of Call of Duty: war zonesuffered a loss of a third of all its quality control personnel at the end of 2021. Moreover, they did not receive salary improvements or promotions even after the layoff of 12 workers in a billed video game $5.2 million up to date.

To make matters worse, Activision Blizzard promised them that 500 interims would go indefinite, something that not only was not accomplished, but there were dismissals of 20 of them. Given this, Raven saw only one way out and that was to join the union and call a strike, something Blizzard didn’t like at all. Therefore, the company decided withhold wages in April and restructure the quality control team by integrating workers from other departments.

This battle has spread to other fronts, such as Twitter, where union organizer Jessica González revealed a message from the vice-president QA of Activision, Chris Arendwho was against.

Blizzard thinks more about its benefits than a healthy work environment

Activision Blizzard Warzone Complaint

Since then, other unjust actions against workers have come to light, such as an article in Washington Post which claims that the company was responsible for promoting the vote versus of the strike. This move did not go very well for them as they ended up with a 19 to 3 for of the strike. Curiously, Phil Spencer, the CEO of Xbox, said he would accept the Raven Software strike once the Microsoft purchase was finalized.

“A union does nothing to help us produce games first-class, and the negotiation process is often slow, often reduces flexibility, and can be adversarial and lead to negative publicity,” Arends wrote.

Another party that stood up to defend this injustice was the members of the organizing committee of the Game Workers Alliance (CWA), who said:

“The reorganization and suspension of salary increases and other benefits, as well as the company’s inability to rehire laid-off quality control workers, were clearly Activision’s attempts to intimidate and interfere with us. in our union election, thereby violating the National Labor Relations Act.”

On the other side we have the version of a spokesperson of Activision, which sent a statement to Bloomberg stating that they respect and believe in the right of all employees to vote and support a union. He further declares that no reprisals of any kind, something that is totally in conflict with the actions of the company.

We could use a well-known saying for this, and that is “greed breaks the bag”, when it comes to prioritize revenue against a healthy working environment and a good reputation.

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