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Activision Blizzard is investigating itself to make sure it didn’t ignore the harassment

Activision Blizzard is once again in the news about working conditions, except to break the routine, this time it’s not a trial. As we all know, Activision Blizzard has been dealing with some accusations harassment in their offices. With a reputation who is getting weaker and weaker due to their working conditions, the company decided to make a internal investigation. In it, he confirmed that there was no evidence that they ignored gender harassment.

Let’s put ourselves in context, starting with last November, where The Wall Street Journal released a report claiming that the CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick, hidden the complaints harass its board of directors. Therefore, the report stated that Bobby was aware of multiple allegations of sexual behavior in the business, although himself refuse.

Bobby Kotick’s strategy: an internal investigation to deny the facts

Bobby Kotick Activision Investigation

In a presentation to the Shares Committee and values Presented yesterday, Activision’s board of directors said it had concluded its report on the subject. His strategy was to make a internal investigation, of themselves for their own business. At first, you might think this will work in their favour, and indeed, they proclaim innocent.

In their own words, they state that “we are not a company that looks elsewhere“, to counter the accusations of abuse against them. According to its own investigation, Activision Blizzard confirms that no try that senior leaders have ignored cases of gender harassment. Moreover, they assure that the board of directors of the company did not hide any information from the company.

“Over the years, the company has disciplined and terminated employees appropriately to ensure our practices are consistent with our policies,” he said.

While Activision’s own report claims some instances of gender-based harassment have occurred, they didn’t consider it a widespread problem at the company. He further adds that these problems they are difficult to deal with on a global scale, when all eyes are on them.

Activision Blizzard tries to clean up its image before merging with Microsoft

Activision BlizzardMicrosoft

As we can see, the Wall Street report and Blizzard’s own report are totally at odds. In an attempt to win, Activision Blizzard continues to contribute data in its favor, using Gilbert Casellas, former Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He himself said that the number of workplace misconducts and harassment is relatively low for a company the size of Activision Blizzard.

After that, Blizzard lists the changes she has undertaken in recent months to combat harassment and discrimination. They stand out among them:

  • A policy of zero tolerance for him intimidation and alcohol consumption at work.
  • The resignation Arbitration for Harassment and Discrimination Complaints
  • the raise of investment in the formation against bullying and discrimination.

The company also takes the opportunity to show that it is victims criticism in the media. And it is that the media crushed the company in its entirety, while only a small part of the employees acted badly. This is how it ends ActivisionBlizzardwhere in our eyes he is doing his best to clean up his image and regain his past reputation.

And this is something very important, since the company will be part of Microsoft according to the trade agreement $68.7 billion. Thus, before formalizing and mergeyou need to get back what you lost so you don’t keep dragging your bad reputation.

Among its other measures to achieve this, earlier this year Blizzard named Kristen Hines as the new Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He said she will play the role of increasing the number women Yes non-binary people in your model in a fifty% in the next five years.

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