Nvidia saw how a new variant of its GPU was leaked Nvidia A100 PCIe, which integrates a block of water for installation in a new generation of servers that cool the hardware using water cooling systems. Obviously, the consumer PC industry standard connectors are not used, and its price will be interesting to know, and it must be remembered that the passive variant was listed by Japan at the end of April last year at an exchange price. it was almost 35,000 euros.

For this price you buy a GPU that integrates no less than 80 billion transistors thanks to the use of the most advanced manufacturing process of the moment, and it is none other than the 4nm from TSMC. your graphics chip Nvidia GH100which maintains the monolithic design, offers a configuration of 18432 CUDA cores accompanied by none other than 80 GB of HBM3 memorycapable of offering a bandwidth of 3 TB/sit’s a 50 percent more compared to the Nvidia A100.

Nvidia A100 PCIe Liquid

In terms of performance, we are talking about 60 TFLOPs FP64/FP321,000 TFLOP TF32 and 2,000 TFLOP FP16, implying triple the performance of the Nvidia A100. Regarding the performance of the FP8, multiply it x6 after reaching 4,000 TFLOPs. Due to this increase in power, the interface is also used PCI Express 5.0 to achieve a bandwidth of 128 GB/s (vs. 64 GB/s) and the 4th generation of NVLink interconnect technology which offers a bandwidth of 900 GB/s (+50%).

All this has a high energy cost, since we are talking about a TDP of 700W, a huge leap from the 400 W consumed by the top-end Nvidia A100 with 80 GB of HBM2e memory. That is, the power consumption grows by 75% in exchange for offering a performance boost between 300 – 600% and 50% bandwidth.

Nvidia A100 PCIe Liquid

via: video cardz