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A TV presenter swallows an AirPod: she took it for vitamins

When it comes to the kids, we must be particularly careful not to swallow things that could be dangerous. However, adults are not exempt from these accidents, as confirmed by TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp. This British citizen announces that she swallowed Apple AirPodsconfusing them with his medicine, even if fortunately his Health not in danger

How many times have we confused different objects because they resemble each other, either in shape or in color. So it happened to the British TV presenter, Kirstie Allsopp. This is known for not being “straightforward” when speaking and it allowed him to explain his latest delicacy. It turns out that when you take your ration of medicine of different colors, shapes and sizes; one of his AirPods was between them.

Kirstie Allsopp doesn’t recommend the experience of swallowing her Apple AirPods

That’s right, the British TV presenter swallowed her Apple AirPods which could put her health at risk. However, he got a favorable result in his fight against Apple earphones, being the winner of the battle. So he managed to get rid of going to the medical, since he claims to have expelled them from his body without the need for professional help. Although he did not come out unscathed, stating that his throat it is quite painful.

Telling this story in his own way Twitter, received a lot of reviews, which is typical for this type of website. While she seems to take pride in her ability to dodge choking hazards, comments about it cast her as a liar. They claim that it is humanly impossible for me to confuse AirPods with vitamin pills.

Given this, they began to comment on the dimensions of Apple’s headphones, which were too large and that swallowing them was dangerous for health.

Ingestion of earphones or electronic devices is dangerous for health

Apple Airpods Pills Vitamins Size

With a certain 3cm high may not seem very deadly, but we must take into account that it contains electronic components. This, in addition, is made with materials that can be toxic for the human being. Well, we know the classic way of getting rid of the intrusion like that into our body, you know, pushing it out the back. But in any case, it will always be a priority to go immediately to a health professional.

That said, let’s be frank, the comparison between AirPods and vitamins is heavily skewed. Here we have a photo that shows a pill of around 1cm, while the British journalist in her photo shows pills of 2cm or more. Even so, it’s really hard to confuse him and hence Allsopp details how it happened to dispel our doubts.

With your AirPods in your poached, he proceeded to take several vitamins while going for a glass of water. But here the fierce attack happened, because she swallowed them all at once, including the listeners. Something he found out later when he checked they weren’t in his pocket. Fortunately, nothing happened and above all, there is still do they worksomething Apple would be proud of, or not.

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