Since Ring of Elden It seemed like we’ve seen it all, and it’s that even though we commented a few weeks ago that a speedrunner managed to beat the game in less than 1 hourwe have decided not to put any more news of this type, and it is that the times have been reduced with each passing day being able to see people pass the game in less than 10 minutes. On the other hand, there are people who have started trying to beat the game without receiving a single hit, in pacifist mode (kill only with summons), and the one that curiously caught our attention is beating the game. using her ass as her only weapon (the game character’s ass, of course).

Ring of Elden

The architect of this monument is called Distortion2and if that wasn’t enough, only with her ass ended up beating the game in 2 hours killing just about every main boss of the game. Obviously, this was made possible by meticulous construction with the improvement of Ash of War ‘Hit on the Ground’, which was improving and evolving later, and it was that after many attempts and obtaining the Staff of the Avatar, her ass got even more powerful to lead him straight to victory.

Officially we only know that Elden Ring has sold 12 million copiesalthough this data was revealed in mid-March, just three weeks after the game went on sale, being quite striking that a title that was niche managed to attract the attention of many completely different player profiles en masse.