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a retro tube TV!

Without a doubt, Raspberry Pi continues to amaze and in the hands of experienced electronics users, incredible things can come out at a very low price. This is the case that concerns us today, since once again a user has created something that will be remembered by those who comb some gray hair or those who already have to dye directly: tube televisions. The mod that has been seen and known now has managed to include this device in a retro mode in a brilliant way, with its manual channel selector, it is not lost. So is the vintage tv through a Raspberry pie.

This is not a working TV, as it does not tune TV channels. DTT or something like that, but it plays TV shows that you recorded on the Raspberry Pi. What’s clear is that this is the start of a future mod that might have real TV channels in live, which would be impressive.

Retro tube TV with a Raspberry Pi, how did they make this marvel?

Watching it, and if you’re over 40, you surely remember those days with the family when the person closest to the TV had to get up to manually change the dial or selector and wouldn’t sit down until the program she didn’t like was on family time.

Well, that’s the concept of this retro tube TV, where in this case, each channel is pre-programmed with videos that are played on a loop as soon as the selector changes position. The architect of this was Feliciano, who has everything from a website to a YouTube channel to show off things like this mod.


What’s curious about this is that he took a small TV from the 80s and put a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a system Arduino MiniPro which is attached to a relay card, to the aforementioned selector and to a voltage and amperage regulation module which is necessary so that there are no problems with increases or decreases in voltage.

And it is that the tube televisions consumed a lot at that time, which has been maintained in this mod since the panel requires it. Therefore, the CRT panel It is seen with the same quality as before, which is a plus without a doubt.

Programming for the channel selector of this TV


Logically, the switcher refers to a mechanical mechanism that tells the Raspberry Pi to switch folders when activated. This is apparently done by a python-scriptwhere the contents jump from one to the other depending on the activation of said channel selector.

It is not a finished work as such, since several improvements are already planned, but rather a BETA of what this DIY modder wants to build. The effect is such that, as we see in the video, we have the typical initial fog, the real volume control and the channel change effect as it was before. A real work of art that will be perfected shortly and that will surely please many due to the difficulty and the result.

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