PlayStation continues to build its presence on PCand it’s already more than obvious that most of its exclusive console titles will eventually come to PC, and basically it’s a company that lives off money, and if the PC industry makes money, there is a niche to exploit.

Beyond the ports of very relevant games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, God of War or Uncharted Collection, now a job offer published by the company reveals that PlayStation would be preparing to land your own platform on PC via a PlayStation Network-specific launcher.

PlayStation Network

The most notable part of the job description is in the second paragraph, where it states that the person will be responsible for “customer application experiences such as PlayStation Network platform integration“. This probably suggests that PlayStation is looking to build a launcher for PC, which would allow it to concentrate all your games in one store, not to mention that you would generate additional revenue for each sale made by dodging the commissions currently charged by Steam or the Epic Games Store. Of course, users will not be happy to have further segment your game library.

“This role will drive the entire PC gaming experiences for PlayStation, including leadership and responsibility for implementation and delivery to our players around the world. Lead and evolve the roadmap of the PlayStation gaming experience for all gaming-related experiences, including SDK development, client application experiences, as well as PlayStation network platform integration,” the job posting states.

via: Dualshockers