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A modder runs FSR 2.0 in native resolution

We recently announced that the technology AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 (FSR 2.0) is quickly coming to many games unofficially through mods. does nothing that Subway exodus was compatible with this technology, and already a modder named muddy mind managed to change the FSR 2.0 to make it work native resolution. They called it AMD FSRAAa clone of NVIDIA DLAA.

With increasingly higher graphics demands, next-gen video games for PC are going to require scaling techniques if you don’t have state-of-the-art hardware. And it is that these give us a rate of FPS much higher than when using native resolution with the classic filter AA in the game. Especially when it comes to high resolutions like 4Kwhich is where scaling technologies What AMD FSR 2.0 Yes NVIDIA DLSS get the best results.

Modder Mods AMD FSR 2.0 to Native Resolution, NVIDIA DLAA Clone


With such a simple modification of the FSR 2.0 code, which is available as open-source Yes free on GitHub, the modder managed to improve the quality of the rescaling. We can no longer say that it makes a demotelowering the resolution as usual in AMD FSR, but in this case it retains the native resolution, the original. To do this, he only changed the line of code marked with return 1.5f to return 1.0f.

On paper, this should give a change in quality, which is inversely proportional to the number, in both NVIDIA DLSS and FSR. For example, a rescaling factor of 1.3x give one best quality and one lower performancewhile a factor 3x give one low quality Yes superior performance. Considering this, NVIDIA launched its DLAAwhich allows you to render at native resolution while using algorithms DLSS to improve the image.

Thus, we reach better anti aliasing and higher resolution at the cost of a loss in performance. We explain this, since what this modder has achieved is to make a clone NVIDIA DLAA with AMD FSR 2.0. Simply in this case you have sacrificed everything for quality, using a resizing factor of 1.0xthe appellant AMD FSRAA.

AMD FSRAA Mod outperforms NVIDIA DLSS quality in Metro Exodus

AMD FSR 2.0 FSRAA vs. NVIDIA DLSS Quality Metro Exodus

As we can see, the modder has bet everything on the image quality, in order to obtain a result sharper only by using NVIDIA DLSS 2.4.3 quality. So, by comparison, we see that AMD’s “FSRAA” gets better definition of the leaves, branches, and trees in this particular scene. On the other hand, NVIDIA’s DLSS offers a much blurrier and less detailed result, which we notice when zooming in on the image.

However, not everything could be pretty, since rendered at native resolution and apply this technology resizing + anti-aliasingmake the frame rate dropping between one twenty and one 40% compared to the lower resolution of DLSS.

AMD FSR 2.0 FSRAA vs. TAA Native Metro Exodus

However, we have a small surprise and that is if we compare FSRAA to the resolution native with TAA activated, we see here losses of one 5% still fifteen%in exchange for a improves quality substantial. This might be the best option to choose for anyone who has Material enough to run the game, but still want more quality.

“All the distant branches and small details are so more detailed in the “FSRAA”, while it has a very small performance impact compared to the native TAA. The strange rendering pattern resembling the checkerboard that FSR2.0 can create in the densest areas of small branches or excessively small particles, Muddymind said.

Here we leave you the best quality comparative images in Reddit in case you want to analyze the changes in detail.

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