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80 Plus Bronze power supply up to 750W

fresh deep announced its new power supply family PK-Dcomposed of three members of 550, 650 and 750W of powersupported by a certificate 80 Plus Bronzewhich guarantees an energy efficiency of up to 85 percent. As you may have seen in the cover image, what stands out from its design is that it is optimized to the maximum to promote airflowso the temperature will be the least of the problems.

In addition to the generous space to favor the exit of hot air, we have a 120 mm fanalthough no detailed information about it is mentioned.

DeepCool PK-D

Certified with an 80 PLUS Bronze rating, the PK-D Series delivers up to 85% energy efficiency under typical system loads, while reducing overall heat and operating noise. Solidly built from the inside out, a dedicated DC-DC converter on the 3.3V and 5V rails achieves tighter voltage regulation and improves system compatibility for the latest generation components.

power supply information DeepCool PK-D is completed by while wiring fixed on PCB to save cost they have a single +12v line for the GPU of 45.5A (550W), 54A (650W) and 62.5A (750W), an active PFC, Taiwanese capacitors, we have all protections typical of the sector (SCP, OPP, OTP, OVP, OCP and UVP), the three models have 2x 8+8 pin PCIe connectors for the GPU + 2x 8+8 pin EPS for the motherboard, promise a lifespan of at least 100,000 hours of use, and are backed by 5 year warranty.

These sources are on sale at the recommended price of €54.99 (550W), €59.99 (650W) and €69.99 (750W).

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