the Thermal law AXP90-X53 combines high-performance cooling capabilities in a restrained size, and it is that we are faced with a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 53mm with the fan included, making it ideal for compact computers, as it will also be able to handle high performance processors thanks to a dense aluminum radiator crossed by means of four 6mm thick copper heat pipes which go to a generous copper base.

Thermal law AXP90-X53

The 54 aluminum fins that make up the radiator, separated from each other by 0.5 mm thick channels, are cooled by a TL-9015 fan. 92mm 15mm thick capable of reaching a maximum rotational speed of 2700RPMallowing it to generate an airflow of 42.58CFM with a static pressure of up to 1.33 mmH2O with a sound of 22.4dBA.

Base of the Thermalright AXP90-X53

The information of the Thermal law AXP90-X53 complete with your compatibility with Intel processors based on LGA1200 and LGA115X socket and amd AM4 with a TDP of up to 150Whas a weight of 360 gramsis accompanied by a syringe with enough thermal compound for several uses, and the difference from its official announcement, in addition to slightly expanding the details offered, is that we know its price, which will be approximately 48 euros with a 6-year warranty, while the Black version we saw a few weeks ago will be more expensive.