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3nm bitcoin mining mobile SoCs and ASICs

Doubts and more doubts about Samsung for more than a year, two lithographic processes in the eye of the hurricane, losses of billionaires and the confidence of its customers in the field have pushed the director of semiconductors of the company to move towards a better life and fire the job to someone more competent. Well, the first fruits seem to be here, as the vast majority of next-gen mobile phones in the market will arrive with a 3nm GAA SoC and at the same time, Samsung is made with the leading manufacturer of SO C for mining Bitcoin of the world with sayings 3nm.

Qualcomm and Bitmain, two giants from two different industries have become interested in Samsung’s services and the chips that these teams will embark, if all goes well, will be made by the South Korean giant. Why this turn of events when Samsung was on the verge of bankruptcy?

TSMC and its monopoly wreak havoc, Samsung takes advantage of its weaknesses


TSMC is the largest chipmaker in the world by far, but if you’ve followed this website a bit, you’ll know it has several issues. From the delay of its new FAB, to the recruitment of talent and workers. Too much is too little, as the saying goes, and it can happen to the semiconductor giant when you lose two of the world’s largest manufacturers by volume, Qualcomm and Bitmain.

To give the context: in 2017 Bitmain bought more 16nm wafers from TSMC than NVIDIAImagine the current volume with the GPU crisis and the investment that the former continue to make in Bitcoin, pushed in part by competitors like Intel.

Well, if TSMC cannot cover all the existing demand, Intel has just opened its doors and must adapt to the orders… There remains only Samsung, which has the latest lithographic process of the three with its 3nm GAA.

Samsung’s nail path and stable 3nm supply for mobile and mining?


The problem that Samsung has, or at least the doubt that it generates, is in terms of production volume. The 4nm didn’t leave a good taste in your mouth for what was said, and its 3nm suffered a delay, so since we don’t know the internal production ramp provided to chip designers, we can only speculate on it with one reason: Qualcomm continues to investigate Intel and TSMC as chip vendors.

The whole industry takes the deal between Samsung and Qualcomm for granted, but they leave the door open for the other two partners and are therefore not so clear about it. Has Bitmain booked a large chunk of 3nm production with GAA?


There’s nothing in there, no rumors, but what’s certain is that they’ve seen wolf’s ears with Intel and they’re going to be stepping on the accelerator for next year, so to continue leading the Bitcoin industry and its ASIC, Bitmain needs the best node, and this seems to be the one now Samsung’s 3nm GAA.

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