Silent computer announced the launch of its new liquid Navis F240where one of the main advantages is to avoid paying for the lights, and that is why it is the best option for this model, because the Navis F240 ARGB, which, as the name suggests, already includes RGB lighting (and white/translucent fans to make everything shine better).

Both liquids have an aluminum radiator with dimensions of 275 x 120 x 28mm thick where fitted a pair of 120mm fans able to rotate between 300 and 1800 rpm, although neither the flow of air they move, nor the static pressure, nor the noise they generate during their operation are indicated. At least they include rubber pads to prevent vibration noise.

SilentiumPC Navis F240

These fans cool the coolant which is propelled by a water pump with ceramic bearings which runs between the 1600 and 2600RPMthus cooling the water block which is mounted on the CPU with the thermal compound SilentiumPC Pactum PT-3which offers a thermal conductivity of 12W/Mk.

The known information of the liquid SilentiumPC Navis F240 is completed by its compatibility with processors Intel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA20XX, LGA115X and amd AM4, has a 3 year warranty, and is on sale at the price of 75 eurosunless you want software-controlled ARGB lighting, which already drives the price up to 86 euros. Brilli Brilli is paid people.