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16,384 cores in the RTX 40 and RX 7000

What seemed like a debacle just a week and a half ago may turn into an explosion of jubilation for those who want a hard and cruel war between the two best GPU manufacturers in the world. And it is that a new leak sends a message as controversial as it is full of hope: amd will match NVIDIA in cores for their RX7000. What is true here?

Well, that’s so speculative that it’s hard to say if it’s really true as such, but due to the reliability of the leaker, we have to take it for granted, which is a bombshell in itself because until now we were talking about a much lower number, specifically 12,288 Shaders.

AMD and NVIDIA match in number of cores: 16,384 for the RX 7000

Just a few days ago the leak appeared on the new number of Shaders that the RTX 4090 would have, where NVIDIA would have decided to increase the total number of 2 SMs by gathering more power, in theory, with the same consumption , where perhaps the frequencies are those assigned to maintain these assumptions 450 watts.

It’s all very speculative, we know, but that’s what it is right now and everything is changing very quickly as we approach the Tape-In stage of each of the brands with their star chips.


What we see is that AMD would have a Navi 3x chip in a mixed bag (it seems like it won’t be Navi 31Navi 30 maybe?) which evens out NVIDIA’s bet with 16,384 shaders to his credit.

The relevant thing here is that even if this chip exists, the total area will be huge due to the MCD and the huge GCD which should house such a bestial figure. If we recall, the first leak was about 15,360 coresto then settle 12,288 PS ultimately. What if we were faced with several different chips? Perhaps a double chip connected by an interposer?

A chip focused on workstations or games

AMD RX 7000 October November

The information is brief, so we will continue with the speculations, since we could be talking about a graphics card focused on computer workstations to perform GPU-heavy tasks. It’s not that a gaming version as such is ruled out, but we know it won’t be Navi 31 as a chip, so it could be a new NVIDIA RTX TITAN series.

With a success like this, AMD would cover both market segments with the best of the best in hardware architecture and capabilities. 5nm from TSMC, which makes sense from a performance and ranking perspective. It would be significantly more expensive than the RX 7900 XT, but that certainly wouldn’t matter to those who want to pay for it and can, whether business or individual.

This is why there are rumors about a supposed Navi 31 chip PRO version, with more RAM and may not boot ready to play. Either way, you need to focus on what’s important: AMD can compete head-to-head in cores with NVIDIA despite having a “worse” 5nm lithographic process compared to the 4N of greens both made by TSMC, the second exclusively. Would we have assumed RX TITAN 7000? or is it just a GPU for professional tasks?

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