With summer just around the corner GLACIAL introduce your fan Zodiac 120 (FN-ZODIAC-01), PWM fan 120mm with translucent blades and 12 bright RGB LEDs around the motor to provide even light throughout the fan.

Beyond lighting, its blades are able to move between the 700 and 1600 rpm generate a current of air up to 65.5CFM with a static pressure of 1.47mmH2O and a noise level of 35 dBA. This is joined by rubber pads on each corner in contact with the chassis to prevent any noise issues with vibration during operation, and they come at an affordable price of 9 eurosso with a few of them, any airflow issues in the system are resolved before the rise in temperatures arrives.

GELID Zodiac 120

A new 120mm chassis fan designed by GELID Solutions incorporates sophisticated RGB LED lighting and improved cooling. The ZODIAC is a product from the GELID Solutions GAMER product line. ZODIAC presents a harmonious blend of world-class technologies and lively design. It has 12 ARGB LEDs to light up in style. It features a Hydro Dynamic bearing for increased reliability and an optimized impeller to improve airflow. Light up your gaming rig with ZODIAC. Its vibrant RGB lights, durable build, and quiet operation make it a worthy companion.