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1000 and 1500W power supplies without PCIe 5.0 connector

Corsair has updated its high-end HXi power supplies, and here are the HX1500i and HX1000i in its 2022 release, which are designed with the new AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors in mind, in addition to the next generation of AMD and Nvidia graphics, and this results in high power consumption, where efficiency energy can help you reduce the cost of the bill a little.

Both sources have an energy certificate 80 Plus Platinumthe most valuable certification being Platinum Cyberneticswhich guarantees an energy efficiency of up to 91%.

In addition to being efficient, they are silent, because due to their oversized size we have 140mm PWM fans to move a large flow of air without the need to spin at high rpm, not to mention the “0 RPM” mode, where the fan will only start spinning when it exceeds half load or reaches a specific temperature.

Corsair HX1500i - 2022

In a component of this category could not miss industrial grade components close to japanese capacitorsa fully modular design, USB-C port backed by iCUE technology so you can even manage bottom fan curvature, see real-time consumption and efficiency, and more.

Corsair HXi doesn’t have what you’re looking for in a new mid-2022 PSU

Of course, the new series of Corsair HXi sources they have a serious downsideand it is that do not include the new 16-pin PCI-Express 5.0 connectors for the new generation of GPUs, they are therefore still stuck on the 8-pin connectors, thus requiring a few adapters to power future high-end GPUs.

The information known to Corsair HX1500i and HX1000i is completed by a 10 year warranty to demonstrate the quality of its product, although already in mid-2022 the minimum that should be required of power supplies of this caliber is that they were already really ready for some GPUs who could enter three or four months. Both are on sale throughout July, although their prices have not been announced.

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